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Institut Urològic López Costea Advanced and Robotic Urological Center

‘Institut Urològic López Costea – Centro de Urología Avanzada’ started its activity in 1992 at the former Clínica Quirón in Barcelona.

Our philosophy has always been to search for a balance between high qualification teams, trained in university hospitals, and the development of a technical and human infrastructure that allows us to achieve the goal that today represents medical excellence: providing patients the best-qualified professionals and techniques to solve their pathologies.

During the last 25 years, our team has trained on surgical techniques such as robotic surgery and focal therapy for the treatment of urological cancer, and advanced diagnostic techniques such as fusion biopsy of the prostate.

We also have the technology and experience required for the treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, including Laser Vaporization and Holmium Laser enucleation among other techniques.

It is in our core values to progressively incorporate every technique validated by the corresponding Health Agencies so as to be able to provide our patients with the best diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

Keeping up to date is essential in the field of medicine. Every member of our medical staff works in University Hospitals in Barcelona, which implies daily teaching activity at the hospital, the corresponding medical faculties, and towards the medical residents who are in the process of getting their specialization. 

Our staff has also numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals, as well as papers and reports in several national and international medical meetings. Hence, they contribute to IULC with professional experience, knowledge, and continuous training in different areas in the field of Urology.

To this day, it is safe to say that the Urology Department I manage practices urology offering a high technical level in every field of the specialty without forgetting the essence of our professional activity: commitment to our patients.

Dr. López Costea- Medical Director
IULC-Advanced and Robotic Urological Center